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Simply the Best

First of all I just have to ask you. How many restaurants do you need to take a boat to get to! Your adventure into the past starts with a boat ride from the parking area to the island. You get a brief history of the location from the boat captain on your way over to the island.
Once you arrive you can almost feel the history of the property as you walk along the dock and follow your nose to the enticing aroma coming from the kitchen. Stop into the bar and have a drink before dinner and read the history and see the pictures along the walls of the bar. We were seated as soon as he arrived and greeted by our waiter Ed who brought over a basket of warm fresh bread and them read through the daily specials and explained the various cooking methods to us. We ordered the “bacon wrapped scallops” as an appetizer and wow they were amazing. Cooked to perfection the bacon crisp and the scallops cooked through served over a white sauce.
We had:
The Twin Lobster tails de-shelled, dredged in rice flour then flash fried and topped with Imperial sauce. Simply increasable! And the Crab cakes are without a doubt the best that I have ever tasted. I never thought that I would have a better crab cake than Joe’s but now I found a new standard.

There are not too many restaurants out there where every single dish you order is perfect, but this place is pretty darn close. The service was good, the food came out pretty quick, the decor is nice and period, and bathrooms are clean but dated. On our way out I made reservations for our next visit. After leaving we explored the property and had a drink in the bar. Bartender was very knowledgeable as my Godmother was excellent. Get there early and soak in the history of explore the area after dinner. Prices are fairly reasonable and you truly get an experience with your evening.
bulletVisited March 2016

Melt in your mouth Seafood!

The history of Caps Place, it's story told by the boat captain and the boat ride over to the restaurant are enough to draw anyone in, but it's the food that is fabulous! After drinks in the separate bar and grill which is super quaint and beckons one back on a stormy night, the restaurant was just great. Floors are wavy from age so those not sure of their footing should be aware.
Service was excellent, menu is absolutely wonderful and the dolphin, shrimp and broiled seafood platter just melted in your mouth. Wow! The spicy dolphin bites were out of this world and it's so tempting to return again and again.
Parking in the lot was easy and reservations were accepted with that days phone call. Everyone should experience Caps Place!
bulletVisited March 2016


“Not just Dinner - an experience!”
5 of 5 stars

I've been here a few times - first with my step son and some friends. We lucked out and got Nancy as our server - she has the BEST stories of the place, in addition to being an amazing waitress! Our son had been there many times and guided us to the Hearts of Palm salad and the crab cakes - unbelievable. While we waited for food (not a long wait) Nancy regaled us with stories of the Al Capone days, bootlegging, and various famous (and infamous) visitors throughout the years. On our way out, we stopped at the bar and discovered they had our unique favorite "43 tips" so of course we had a shot! (Son was designated driver...) We had so much fun, we took my elderly parents during the holidays. I was worried about the boat ride as my mom isn't that mobile, but I shouldn't have worried (heck this is Florida, old people Rule). They made a fuss over her and easily got her on and off the little boat shuttle. We wandered around the grounds, stopping at the bar, where they made mom the BEST Manhattan drink - and believe me, she knows her Manhattans! The Bartender was a total riot. My parents loved the stories (we forgot to ask for Nancy, but she stopped by and told us stories anyway!). My dad was looking at the photos on the wall across from our table, and those folks invited him to sit down and told him stories from their 30+ years of visiting Cap's Place. How fun is that? We returned again a few months later with family and friends all visiting. We couldn't get a reservation, so we took over the bar area and discovered we could easily get all our favorites - the crab cakes, the hearts of palm, some calamari. They (and the bartender) were extremely accommodating. Yes, it's pricey. Yes, it's a shack. Yes, they apparently occasionally run out of stuff, although we haven't experienced that. Yes, it's hard to get a reservation sometimes. But for us? Totally worth the effort!

 Reviewed November, 2015



“Best crab cakes I've ever had!”

5 of 5 starsLoved this place! Started off with the neat little boat ride across to the restaurant. Waitress was very nice and gave good tips to what was especially good, in addition to a cool history of the place (look it up, it's really interesting). We started with the escargot, which was good especially if you've never tried it before. Then we had the palm salad. Very different (it's the actual palm tree), but very good! Several of us ordered the crab cakes, and they were the best I've ever had! 98% crab meat and the other 2% is just holding the meat together. The remoulade sauce for dipping was yummy. We asked what was in the crab cakes and the waitress said if she told, even though she's been there for years, she'd be fired and escorted off the premises. They were that seriously delicious! Finally, we got a piece of key lime pie to go (too full to enjoy it then), and it was very tasty as well. So definitely try this place out, and if you like crab cakes, order those and you won't be disappointed!


Lauren D     Visited June 2015


Cap's Place is a dinner out that is so special when shared with your family. Yes, you must understand, that this is a place where you have to not be worried about the right side of the menu. We just took our daughter, husband, 3 year old son and my wife and me on Saturday night. It was to celebrate Father's Day and a recent promotion for our daughter. The fish is always so fresh and prepared any way you would like it. The portions are more than enough to fill you. It is the quaintness and location that you pay for. An eating establishment since 1928 and with almost a century of history. Our waitstaff was so nice, remember we had a 3 year old. She remembered us from our last visit, that was a year ago. Dinner was never rushed and the food was just outstanding. Our son in law had a rack of lamb that was one of the biggest I have seen in a restaurant. Grouper was had by two of us and was fresh and prepared with a light white wine sauce. It was outstanding and a large portion, for grouper. A seafood platter rounded out the order. You will spend about 8-10 dollars more for an entree and if you have drinks and appetizers your bill will climb fast. Know this before you go and you will have an enjoyable and memorable evening.


Michael B Fort Lauderdale  Visited June 2015


This is truly an unforgettable experience to dine at this amazingly charming historical place. The food is out-of-this-world delicious! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the food and the history of this amazing restaurant. It is great for very special celebrations. You take a boat to the restaurant and that just sets the stage for a most memorable evening.   

Victoria  Fort Lauderdale  Visited June 2015



5 of 5 stars


What a hidden gem on a little island that you can only get to by a boat that picks you up at the parking lot. Going inside there are pictures of FDR and Winston Churchill who came down here to talk about ending WW II. Al Capone and Jack Dempsey.  Service was quality and very well done. The food was excellent. Our choice was the Catch of the day which was grouper. We had it broiled and it was served with a lemon caper sauce. The three of us loved the smashed sweet potatoes and the grilled veggies. There famous for their heart of Palm salad which is very different but delightful. For an appetizer we had calamari with marinara sauce and aioli sauce. We were full by the time our meal was completed but we made room to share a piece of their homemade Key Lime pie and it truly was one of the best. We will be back.

Georgia K  Visited May 1 2015


4 of 5 stars

Getting to Cap's is half the fun, taking a small ferry from the parking lot to the restaurant. Once there the quaint exterior doesn't prepare you for the excellent food within. All was excellent; however, the crab cakes were by far the finest that we have ever had! We ordered them as an appetizer but had we known how very good they were we might have just dined on them exclusively!

bulletRobert W  Visited April 30 2015


5 of 5 stars
Four of us went there for dinner 4/18/15. Meal was excellent. Service wonderful. We got there around 5:30 pm and were told there would be a 40 minute wait. As it was raining like a monsoon we decided to stay and wait. The wait turned out to be just 15 minutes or so and the meal would have been worth waiting the entire 40 minutes if necessary.
Four different dishes and everyone was well pleased.
Not the cheapest place to eat, but definitely one of the best in the area.
bulletDuckman Visited April 18 2015


We stumbled into this place by looking at Google Maps. What an experience, probably the highlight of our trip. If nothing else the history and building are worth the visit. We were very surprised how great the food was, even the kids meal! The crab cakes were amazing, full of crab meat. Highly recommended!

Justin C October 8, 2014

Eat, Laugh and Learn

I've been to Cap's Place on three separate occasions and this time was by far the best. It may have been because the first two times I went with one other person and this last time I went with a party of eight. It seems as though part of the fun is experiencing this place with a group of friends. The drinks were good, the food was delicious! The crab cakes were just that...crab! Barely any filler, just enough to hold it together and they were still falling apart with chunks of crab. The bacon wrapped scallops were equally good. I had the snapper special which was prepared with the tail and skin (on the bottom) still attached. This may have been the best snapper I have ever tasted. It was lightly dusted with flour and sautéed in a lemon butter sauce. My boyfriend had the swordfish special and it was equally delicious (gorgonzola/spinach topping). We finished off the meal with a piece of key lime pie (that was all they had to offer). The pie was good, better than most, but not the best I have ever tried. I found the prices reasonable for seafood in FL.

The boat ride over is a hoot and the history of this place is incredible. If you want to experience REAL old Florida charm, this is the place to go!

bulletVisited October 2014

Pleasantly surprised

We enjoyed our recent evening at Cap's Place. After reading some of the negative online reviews, I went with lowered expectations and figured I would just enjoy the scenery. However, the food was actually very good. The crabcake appetizer was delicious, and I am not usually a fan of crabcakes. For our entrees, I had shrimp and my companion had grouper. Our waiter, Ed, was very pleasant and knowledgeable about the menu. He was helpful in suggesting items that we may want to try.

Yes, the building is very old but that is actually the point of the whole place. It is different and unique compared to what is available in South Florida. As prior reviewers mentioned, there are cats lounging around the patio, but again, we found it charming and gave the place a "Key West" feel.

If you are looking for a super fancy, super elegant place for dinner, then this is not the place for you. But for a fun, out-of-the-ordinary evening, I found it very extremely enjoyable. I think some people just look for things to complain about.

bullet Visited April 2014

A Novel Dining Experience

If you like adventure and intrigue, you have to dine at Cap's. First suggestion: use your GPS to arrive at the Marina on time. After parking, you wait for a mystery boat which you will board in order to ride about ten minutes to Cap's. The boat captain will tell you all about the history of Cap's as you appreciate the local surroundings. After landing, you meander past the separate bar to enter Cap's and wait to be seated. The four of us sat at a roomy table with such an accommodating waitress. We ordered our drinks and then perused the menu with many fish specials. I ordered a clam linguini dish with whole and chopped clams and toasted Italian cheese encrusted bread pieces--totally delicious. For dessert, we splurged with a fabulous key lime pie. What a memorable dinner--in both epicurean and historical perspectives. 5 of 5 starsBrenda Mass  January 3, 2014


4 of 5 starsCame on visit and introduced by locals. The local snapper is sublime. They have great friendly staff and individually prepare each dish. A visit to the area should include this historical location.  4 of 5 stars                  December 28, 2013


"Charm and great food!

We had a great evening here! The short boat ride as the sun was setting was a great introduction. The food was very good and the fish was really fresh and very tender. One member of our party ordered crab cakes which were 95% crab with no filler. The scallops wrapped in bacon was a generous portion. The yellow fin snapper was incredibly tender and all the side dishes were tasty. Yes, it is pricey, but you are also paying for the atmosphere. This is a historic location and it was fun to hear about it from our very knowledgeable waitress and to look a tall the olds tires on the wall. However, the much touted key lime pie was only average. Debbie R Tucson October 2013

"Loved the Food

While vacationing in Pompano Beach we found by chance Cap's Place Island Restaurant and Bar at Lighthouse Point. We really enjoyed our visit to Cap's Place. The history of the restaurant was very interesting our waitress Nancy was a joy. The food was wonderful from beginning to end. We would definitely recommend this place to our friends and family. Caroll Riverview Florida July 2013

“You can feel the history”

Hadn't been to Cap's for about 25 years, and still as I remember it. Wanted a place to take out of town guests to experience old Florida and wonderful seafood. Starting with the boat ride over and a brief "island" history get ready to eat some fresh and delicious seafood. Don't expect an elegant place, it is rustic and exactly what it should be. There were 4 of us for dinner. Starting with the crab cakes as recommended by our very knowlegable and pleasant waiter, and escargot...very good, but the crab cakes were such a hit we ordered another plate! We all ordered something different. I started with fresh hearts of palm salad and if you have only ever had palm from a can, you must order these to experience what fresh hearts of palm tastes like, just wonderful. I also ordered the special Yellowtail Snapper, which was very fresh and cooked perfectly, for your side I would suggest the chive mashed potatoes...yum! One of our guests ordered the 1.5lb stuffed main lobster, she hasn't stopped talking about it. All and all a great meal and a fun way to spend a beautiful Florida evening.

BeenAroundTheWorld1 South Florida, March, 2013


"Welcome Home"

We had the honor of closing Cap’s Place last Friday night and I felt a kinship with numerous historical figures. Don’t be fooled by the glitz of Boca, Palm Beach, etc. – Cap’s Place is the real deal. Fresh tenderly cooked fish, the old South Florida recipe for palm salad and a creamy, tangy key lime pie all in the ambience of a cabin on an island in the great blue ocean. Cap’s also had great servers with humor, knowledge and so friendly. There are many amazing places to eat in this multi-town strip of Florida seashore but go here if you want fabulous food and a slice of the real along with your pie. It is a ride you don’t want to miss.

CCMMSS Gainesville, Florida October, 2012


“Worth the trip”

Our local friends encouraged us to dine at Caps while visiting the area. We were guided to the parking lot and dock by one of the staff and transported by boat to the restaurant. It's rustic appearance and history are fascinating but the real draw is the outstanding food and service. Our choices included escargot, crab cakes and salmon; we have never had better! The service was beyond professional with very engaging staff ensuring that we were comfortable and enjoyed this unique experience.

KathyBJax_FL Jacksonville, Florida  September 2012


“Great experience ”

Even though I have lived in Fort Lauderdale for 16 years, I only heard of Cap's two years ago. When mom and dad vitsited fron Kentucky they wanted to go there for their last dinner in Fort Lauderdale. The entire experience was great from the boat ride to the island, the rustic old Florida atmosphere, the fun/friendly service and the delicious food.

Our captain was fun and informative. we got there a little early and had a drink at the bar and viewed all the old pictures and antique items. The bar really takes you back in time and the bartender was very nice. The dining room was also very rustic and filled with old pictures and artifacts. if you are into history you will love Cap's place.

Our server, Nancy, was great fun. we joked and laughed with her, but when it came time to order we took her recommendations very seriously. The crab cakes and yellow tail snapper, incredible!! the blue cheese dressing, delicious! The crab cakes are made the way they should be with no bread crumbs. ALL CRAB MEAT! Cap's has a great chef. we heard rumors from the boat captain that the chef also makes the best fried chicken, but it's not on the menu (maybe somday). even the side dishes were great. sweet potato mash and sauteed squash.

I can't say enough about what a great time we had. the food was great, Nancy and the entire dining room staff from hostess to busser and even the other servers really made you feel at home and were very attentive. Besides being a lot of fun,
Nancy was really knowledgable of the menu and informative about the history of the restaurant. She really enhanced an already wonderful experience.I I will definitly be back. it is a great place to bring family and friends visting south Florida

Robe888 Fort Lauderdale August 2012


“Great dining experience”

We hadn't been to Cap's Place in many years, but decided to go when we wanted a special dinner out. We enjoyed the boat ride over, but the food is what we will go back for. Excellent seafood, tasty and fresh salad and dressings, friendly and helpfull waitress, and the historic atmosphere that chains simply cannot compete with. We were surprised that on a Saturday night the place was not packed. Not cheap, but no more expensive than most of the restaurants that supposedly sell fresh seafood. Snapper was perfectly prepared, melt in your mouth texture, and the shrimp were large and sauteed just until done. Will definitely go back soon!

 JulieG Parkland, Florida August 2012

“Rustic Florida at it's best”

I brought my family of 4 to Cap's place, after boat ride over, just takes a few minutes, they seated us. Great service, I had the broiled seafood platter, it was very tasty. My wife had the sauteed Yellowtail snapper, it was the best I have ever tasted. The soups, crabcakes, bread, were all wonderful and very fresh. My mother had the sauteed Grouper with fresh fruit salsa, again, outstanding. I would recommend to all my family and freinds. Satisfied Customer.

Michael G Fort Lauderdale, Florida June 2012


“A piece of history”

I'm surprised by reviews saying they didn't care for the food or it was over priced. My friend ordered oyster's rockefeller and they came out on a big platter and still brought one more out that wouldn't fit. The oysters were huge and they tasted great! All our meals were very good. (the clam linguinie was super) We had been in the area for almost two weeks and the price seemed comparable to the other restaurants we had been to. But even past the food, this is an experience to be had even if you just came over for a drink. You get on this little boat that will hold several (nothing fancy but nothing shabby either) You go 10 minutes through the canal waterway with lots of pretty houses to look at. Then you come up on literally what looks like a large garage. When you read the history you get what you are looking at and it makes sense.. When you get inside it is quaint and rustic and feels rich with history. I mean Roosevelt and Churchill used to meet here. Ernest Hemingway used to drink here and we were told that earlier this year Bill Clinton came here The food was great and our server was more than attentive but just to go to somewhere that isn't your usual beach fair or basic restaurant is pretty darn cool. It has been what we have told the folks back home about the most out of our whole trip. CapsPlace was unusual, interesting, a great meal and a great experience.

jjhunt Paducah, Kentucky June, 2012



A great experience - short boat ride to island - very rustic but food is GREAT -- not cheap but worth it. Great crab cakes ..full of yummy crab meat...GO - ENJOY!

kgpg Massachusetts March 2012


“Best crab cakes anywhere!”

I'm a crab cake snob, and these are the best. Next time I will get the crab cake appetizer & the crab cake entree! It's a charming old place. Other reviewers commented that it's a "shack"- well, it's been in business since the 1920's with little to no renovation. It's part of the charm. It's hard to find but so worth the effort! The short boat ride is neat too. If you're looking for fancy, go elsewhere. If you're up for an adventure & a unique atmosphere, Cap's is it. Get the crab cakes! Lgo987 December, 2011


“Wonderful! Wonderful! wonderful!!”

This is a laid back, Old Florida restaurant that is one of the best seafood restaurants in the country!! The people are REAL! The atmosphere is casual...with a hint of yester-year elegance. I have been visiting this little treasure since 1959. I have introduced countless friends and relatives to Cap's! I will continue visiting as often as I am in Florida. In the '80s, when our children were small, we were once treated to an interruption in our dinner to join the staff outside to look North and see a Space Shuttle launce! Such caring and wonderful things do NOT happen at 'generic' restaurants...which now abound in Florida, and everywhere! Dear Cap's Place--- Don't change a thing!! (And DO NOT run out of Hearts of Palm salad!! The Ferrara family LOVES YOU!!!

diver465 Fishers, Indiana November, 2011


“Historic Old Florida charm with great steaks and seafood.”

Originally built in the 20's Cap's Place is a historic part of Old Florida charm which is becoming increasingly scarce. Get cocktails in the separate bar and read the captions on pictures of a Florida which is long gone. Walk, read and relax in the same footsteps, and uneven floorboards, of Florida's pioneers, visionaries, bootleggers, smugglers and scoundrels.  The authentic wooden frame building is old and sun-washed, but inside is clean, inviting and the definition of Old Florida ambiance. The staff seems genuine and happy to be there. The walls filled with Florida history. FDR and Churchill were served food from Cap's while staying nearby before leaving for England from Florida instead of Washington to deceive the wolfpacks!

We have never had a bad meal or bad service. The filet mignon is great and my wife was impressed by the seafood medley, enough to have ordered it a second time. However, if you require everything done for you and your every need fulfilled , stay in Boca at Mizner with the fancy chefs, accountants, Credit-default swappers and Ponzi schemers! CAUTION, every aspect of this experience has NOT been cleverly engineered so you can feel good about yourself. Boats have exhaust, old wooden buildings have lumpy floors, the skys' blue, waters' wet. The unscripted experience can supercharge the romantic environment. It drizzled the first evening we went there. The canvas cover on the shuttle LEAKED! Can you believe it, canvas leaks! We found the drier area, I placed my coat down so she could be more comfortable, that's one reason you wear one, not just because it makes you look better, then we put the umbrella back up, IN THE BOAT! Married 27 years and the night was already off to a magic start. This is not a cheap place to eat but do yourself a favor and skip more of the glorified bar food out there and be part of a real Florida experience.

pikappbh Fort Lauderdale, Florida May, 2011



“Take me as I am, or don't take me at all”

"This food is as pricey as big city fare, but it's unadorned: Take me as I am, or don't take me at all. And those who think a big fresh piece of fish needs to be slathered in some frou-frou sauce, with a bunch of hand-carved vegetable rosettes on the side, can damn well go elsewhere."

-Gail Shepherd, Broward-Palm Beach New Times




“Worth the visit for a return to old Florida”

As a South Florida native, I had never heard about Cap's Place until recently - so we decided to make our 1st visit - and it's not around the corner - we drove over 1 hour to give em a try - and boy am I glad we did! What a fantastic piece of nostalgia - ah, old Florida before it was all built up and cement jungle!

 The food was very good - slightly pricey, but I think you're paying for the experience. Our server, Ron, was fantastic! When we told him this was our 1st visit, he took the time to explain the history of the restaurant and the hearts of palm, and went over all of the specials in detail. My husband ordered the crab cake appetizer - fantastic! Just slightly breaded and full of fresh lump crab meat - WOW! For dinner, our party ordered the crab cake dinner (2 huge crab cakes); scallops (8 huge scallops slightly breaded, broiled in a white wine & garlic sauce); bacon wrapped scallops (8 huge bacon wrapped scallops); and sesame crusted salmon w/honey mustard glaze. For our sides, there was brown rice w/fresh spinach pieces, mashed sweet potatoes & grilled veggies. We all thoroughly enjoyed our meal!

If you haven't experienced Cap's Place, or even if you have, this place should be visited at least every 3-4 months - I'm so glad I didn't listen to the negative reviews - this place ROCKS!

Hobe Sound Visitor Hobe Sound, Florida, June 2011



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